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Social/Off-Topic / Hey Cirus
17-05-2017, 22:54:36 PM
I don't know anyone by the name of Gamefreak.

I had a YouTube account with this same name something like 8 years ago. (I closed it a while ago.) Yesterday, I happened to look through the YouTube channels of people I had known back then, including your Cirus206 channel. Then I remembered this website, and that I had an account on here that I made years ago and used for a day.

So, I decided to log back on, and say hello, and see if you remembered me, because we both used to make fun of a certain RockmanKenny, ages ago.

Now I remember.  Thanks for stopping by!
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Hi @ywoc
# 3
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Don't worry it's not going anywhere
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Social/Off-Topic / Hey Cirus
13-05-2017, 13:48:06 PM
One of Gamefreak's many alternate accounts
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btw @Cirus is there really no way to recover the old forum? Goddamn, what I 'd give to reminisce on the WINNERness and my broken English... ;_;

No I don't think so.  I think IF just completely lost that server or something.
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Gaming / Minecraft Server
13-05-2017, 10:14:41 AM
I'm going to close this topic now, goodbye folks!!

I highly recommend Starbound, it's so much better than Minecraft.  I hope to have a server for that in the future.

God fricking dammit
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This forum is long past its golden age, but if it's any consolation I get really annoyed when old forums and websites disappear completely from the internet (like our old forums) so I plan to at least keep it hosted for a while longer.
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That looks like it was the second world, can you confirm steev?
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Social/Off-Topic / Hey Cirus
12-05-2017, 23:53:39 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / Hey Cirus
12-05-2017, 23:52:05 PM
Hello, friend.

I don't remember you
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It was on my Dropbox but I don't have that anymore.

I'm going to look at some old hard drives this weekend, it should be somewhere.
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It was pretty impressive considering how many people were playing.

I should have a backup of the original world we had, I'll see if I can find it and post a link
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Social/Off-Topic / RIP forums
11-05-2017, 18:43:05 PM
I mean, the forum has been dead for quite a long time I think.

The forum is now SUPER DEAD

The discord is doing well though so that's good
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / DUNE
11-05-2017, 18:42:10 PM
Check out Emperor: Battle for Dune

yeah i've played that, it was poo poo

...or was it Dune 2000 I played?  Can't remember

frick you they're both great
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