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Social/Off-Topic / ็hi all
Today at 21:16:00
Skrag couldn't do american drive-thrus because he drives on the other side of the street
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Social/Off-Topic / ็hi all
Today at 21:14:43
if you're ever in the Seattle area I recommend getting some Dick's Drive In

What's your favorite bikini coffeeshop?
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Announcements / SECRET SANTA 2017
Today at 21:10:28

PM your address to me and I'll pair you all up.


The gift you send should be about $20.  This is super late because I forgot about it and I assumed nobody would do it, so basically sign up ASAP.

Currently have 3 participants

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i like avocados a LOT

good decision (Y)
# 5
This gif depicts very realistic sex

SPOILER (hover here to read)

Was also impressed by the anal prolapse mod
# 6
That forum fricking rules

SPOILER (hover here to read)

oh baby
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This mod is not graphical enough ;)))
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# 9
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Post the dudes for bjorno
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BROTRR Discussion / is this place dead
Yesterday at 17:28:57
what's the best way to eat an Avocado

supposed to be a "super food", but it's tasteless mush

That just means you've got poo poo avocados.

Lime juice and salt will do the trick
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We need..........evidence..........
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BROTRR Discussion / is this place dead
Yesterday at 01:16:18
# 14
Body mods are usually ridiculous because they just put bigger boobs on every woman in the game
# 15
nice plastic love remix there in the middle

Should be a good comp:

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