Demo of the amazing "Going for a Walk"!
#1 23-11-2014, 17:44:17 PM
I managed to put this demo up on YouTube of this amazing experience.  It transcends what you think of in regards of videogames.  The name is immensely lame "Going for a Walk", but it really is far more immersive, right down to the amazing graphics,  than one would expect.  I had to film the video outside, because my attempt to do the demo in a local plaza got to be a mess with people wanting signatures for approval and so on. S o, to get it out on time, I did it outside.  This was done for my YouTube channel, "Classic Games Redefined".

Here is the video:

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#2 23-11-2014, 18:03:11 PM
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thanks rich, great video :roddy:

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#3 24-11-2014, 00:57:16 AM
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Not bad, but I think I'll wait for it to come out for a console.

big rigs is great and i want to suck his cock

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#4 25-11-2014, 07:36:54 AM
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The console version would be primed for DLC, so I can see the want for it on the console.  You can get the season pass that does give you the sequel "Going for a Drive" and other features like "bending down" and "open door".   If you play the Wii U version of "Going for a Walk", you get the "Desert Course" mini-game (with the graphics taking a huge knock, so there is a lack of immersion as a result):

But, other word is that the Crazy Taxi original song may be featured in "Desert Course", so that offsets the graphics downgrade some:

By the way, there is a rumor "Going for a Drive" will feature one of the BROTTR truck in it, through a licensing deal.  There was a bit of concern though that the void feature found with driving the truck, will end up in the "Going for a Walk" main game.  I have concerns for player safety in doing that.

Currently involved with casual and retro games.  Check out
CADERS (Casual, Retro and Neo-Retro games)
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