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#1 Gaming / Your Top 10 of 2014 Today at 13:53:49
I did too and I listed the full 10, unlike Cirus!!!! GOD, he can't even follow his own rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#2 Gaming / Darkest Dungeon Today at 13:41:57
Backers got early access keys today. I believe it will be up on early access for everyone else on Tuesday.
He smells really bad though I don't want to be around him.
#4 Gaming / Your Top 10 of 2014 Today at 13:15:25
Fair enough.
#5 Gaming / Indigo Prophecy Today at 13:15:13
In terms of disappointment I disagree.
or catbrush will learn that pooping on the floor is good

either way it'll work out well
just become his friend! then he will learn pooping on the floor is bad
#8 Gaming / League of Legends Today at 11:14:59
Congrats dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You don't know what it's like to truly be spooked.......
Psychic ability
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