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#1 Gaming / Starbound Today at 09:50:28
Early access games are a less exciting version of gambling
He's no Di Canio
Great hire. He's only been fired twice in 15 months.  :stamp: :stamp: :stamp:
#4 Gaming / Starbound Today at 09:38:48
Please reference this helpful meme that resulted from a google image search for "early access meme"

Sunderland got Moyes!!!!!
#6 Gaming / Starbound Yesterday at 23:34:45
steev is ashamed of us :shaq:

#7 Gaming / Starbound Yesterday at 22:18:46
wow, it's the same exact game just maybe a few more bookcases. I waited how many years for this??? smh
#8 Gaming / Starbound Yesterday at 22:00:55
steev is ashamed of us :shaq:
#9 Gaming / Starbound Yesterday at 21:19:56
+ if I talk to the computer people start asking questions and I just like to keep my you're life a secret. That way I don't have to delete all my posts like ej did when his gf discovered his account and found out he was gay/bi
#10 Gaming / Starbound Yesterday at 21:09:50
I don't really like voice chat because everyone makes fun of my accent
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