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#1 Social/Off-Topic / Eazy now Today at 01:28:49
#2 Linux Gaming / The End? Today at 01:26:46
I also want to focus on more punny stuff like this post

Not trying to compete with ZIGS, though. I am not on his level
#3 Social/Off-Topic / Post your desk Today at 01:18:41
here is my desk that was built for a child
#4 Linux Gaming / The End? Today at 01:14:23
I'm probably going to write a guide on setting up Kodi for free wrestling streaming. The way I have it set up now is very slick, like a free WWE Network.
Writing guides like this can help a lot of people who can't afford WWE Network or worse, don't have WWE Network available in their country.

Linux gaming doesn't need my help anymore. In the near future, "Linux Gaming" will just become "Gaming"

#5 Linux Gaming / The End? Today at 00:42:17
#6 Gaming / DRIFT STAGE alpha times!!!!!!! Today at 00:38:38

#7 Linux Gaming / The End? Today at 00:23:20
Bring us Linux news via wrestling analogies.
#8 Linux Gaming / The End? Today at 00:19:21
Linux Mint with CENA-mon desktop
#9 Linux Gaming / The End? Yesterday at 23:05:39
What distro does John Cena use?
#10 Social/Off-Topic / Post your desk Yesterday at 23:03:58
@whatusername looks like he has a hobo-styled desk
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