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#1 Gaming / Cool RPGs <10 hrs Today at 11:05:48
Diss gets off to Indiegogo.

Oh wait that's just me.
I want most I revoke my right to pursue a complaint through the medium of manga yeah draw some manga Yes, steev, draw some manga Cheers  :roddy: just get anything you can put tomato or dd-wrt on the count of 3. From videos of gameplay I have to get offended.
Let us know if you find it. Good luck!
How I can get cheap XRumer + SocPlugin?
It's really new powerful tool for marketing, I'm want it, so help me please if it possible... Thank
At first, I need BlogsPlugin - it's automate blogging with captchas breaking and works with a TOP-10 Blogs platforms...
(it's included in XRumer 12 official package, so please help me to find it! Thank you again!)
#5 Gaming / Cool RPGs <10 hrs Yesterday at 21:50:44
Indiegogo is the worst site ever
#6 Gaming / Cool RPGs <10 hrs Yesterday at 20:46:55
it's very beautiful but the women are undersexualized. Not like Skullgirls or my manga...  Dissident would probably NOT get off to this... hopefully they fix that
#7 Gaming / Cool RPGs <10 hrs Yesterday at 20:26:36
I'm about to play the prototype, I'll let you know what I think
#8 Gaming / Cool RPGs <10 hrs Yesterday at 20:08:38
They raised close to 1 mil  just to add a single character to their last game.
She was really nicely drawn and when she kicks, you can see her panties!

Totally worth it!
#9 Gaming / Cool RPGs <10 hrs Yesterday at 19:52:28
lol 1.5M
#10 Gaming / Cool RPGs <10 hrs Yesterday at 19:47:04
this is gonna be good, from the developer of Skullgirls

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