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#1 Linux Gaming / Lisa's top picks on Steam Today at 23:11:26
Be sure to check them out and if you're an MTR officer, feel free to add your own favorite games.
yeah all the best pros play at 1024x768 like they're still playing CS 1.6
i was thinking about this movie today and how fricked up it was

rigists mortist would make for a great horror movie as well
maybe diceman should have made better posts
nvm i'll just play at a poo poo resolution that works
how to disable hud i need more fps
#7 Movies, TV, Music, Books / BOJACK HORSEMAN Today at 20:48:16
I saw an episode of it and it really sucked
Congratulations steev, you can now play the greatest competitive fps the world has ever seen
maybe you guys shouldnt have banned my favourite friend diceman and his girlfriend
Screw you, ultimate traffic stopper: a police roadblock!
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