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#1 Social/Off-Topic / Let's talk Mustard Today at 08:59:58
hey fellow mustard fans, new mustard enthusiast here. i recently got in the habit of eating german sausages with mustard and its absolutely delicious i did not know mustard was so good. ive only had the regular yellow bottle mustard so far and im looking for something new. ive also tried dijon but its disgusting what other kinds of mustard are good to eat?
Any game with "zig" in the title gets my seal of approval
clearly your method isn't working because this made it through
Because I have to read it all, filter out all the poo pooposts, and deliver it to you
why don't we just make the Linux Gaming board into a direct link to /r/linux_gaming
Forget idiotic activiy m7s, Zigsurat just released on Steam
#8 STEEV'S KORNER ! / Windows 10 Preview Today at 00:02:47
What's up guys I got drunk and installed this tonight just so I could treat it like the final thing and trash it on the forum :twisted:

Well, I was peasantly surprised, this version of Windows is a lot more usable than the previous versions! For example you can now snap windows to ALL 4 CORNERS of the screen just like in KDE or a tiling window manager! If you have 2 windows open, you can finally scroll the unfocused one without using hacks like 'WizMouse'!! The command prompt finally supports Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V keyboard shortcuts!! And of course Virtual Desktops are nice!!

Here comes the bad part though, WATCH OUT!!

My WazHack performance has PLUMMETED!! I'm using the latest Intel drivers, I even activated the "high performance" power plan! Normally I can get 55+ fps on the "fantastic" preset in Wazhack, but here I only get 20 fps!!

Currently downloading BL2 and CS:GO...............
#9 WINNER Help / new CAT tipzzzz Yesterday at 20:14:08
Brush your cat.
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