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I put a bit of money into EXACTLY TWO kickstarters: Bloodstained and Battle Chasers, which both look like they're doing fine. BUT who knows, ANYTHING can happen before they come out
#2 Gaming / Steam Summer Sale 2016 Today at 15:09:00
Metroidvania fans: Give La-Mulana a shot! It's super hard, but most of the reviewers have like 50+ hours into it.

I need to stop being a baby and play it more
I was gonna back Magicite but then I BACKED out because Cirus said it was a scam. Ended up buying it later in a Steam sale and only played it for 8 minutes. Cirus was right!
I've been p. lucky with my kickstarters so far!
That was a good joke!  But I have kickstarted a lot of things so that's how I know they are all scams
Thanks, JC. It's really hard to write good jokes so I appreciate the ratings
#7 WINNER Help / Upgrading my PC Today at 12:52:57
Bunch of reviews for the RX 480 are out now. Fantastic price/performance ratio but I can't help feeling it's a bit under powered. At this point the choices are obvious though: RX 480 or GTX 1070
#8 Gaming / Steam Summer Sale 2016 Today at 12:49:43
#9 Gaming / Steam Summer Sale 2016 Today at 12:46:20
Really shocked to hear that Steve from Harvester was arrested for possession of child pornography!
#10 Gaming / Steam Summer Sale 2016 Today at 12:31:34
Oh I didn't realize TJD wasn't complete, thanks for the info (Y)
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