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#1 Gaming / Mega Man Today at 19:28:08

The first video I favorited on Youtube
#2 Gaming / Gwent Today at 19:26:46
Have a couple codes for the beta if anybody wants one
1.1.2 is rolling out!!!!

Delete topic added (moderators only)
Dropped minSDK to 16 (Jelly Bean) which adds 6000 supported devices!

Please logout/back in since the app now checks if you can moderate at login
next version will support jelly bean or newer
@Skrag which Android version?

I have the minimum set the Kit Kat, but I may be able to support older versions without too much trouble
damn it, my phone is LOSER, it says it's not compatible with this WINNER app

using an old Samsung GTI8190N
Feature request: delete topic
1.1.1 is rolling out!

Added is_online indicator

Improved PhotoView (properly centered, share, copy)
#10 Gaming / Mega Man Yesterday at 03:29:06
I was playing the gamegear MegaMan it's crazy
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