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#1 Gaming / Roguelike Topic Yesterday at 16:47:53
also everyone should check out SHATTERED PIXEL DUNGEON on ANDROID

Thanks will check this out, Pixel Dungeon was fun but really lacking replayability so I hope this helps.

@steev should we merge the ADOM topic with this? Important decisions.
#2 Gaming / Roguelike Topic Yesterday at 16:44:50
also everyone should check out SHATTERED PIXEL DUNGEON on ANDROID

wow, great audio

one of my favorite games let you be a raptor, so i'm actually very excited about this
#4 Gaming / Roguelike Topic Yesterday at 15:52:37
Wow small correction:

Other very useful tips:
The gnome king is always on the same floor in the Gnomish Mines, so once you figure out which one you can go straight to that floor and talk to him. He will ask you to kill the giant rats in the wine cellar and if you take this quest all the other gnomes will have to leave you alone! Now wield a bow and kill all the gnomes with it to increase your bow skills

WazHack 1.3 added Gods, so don't be afraid to pray to them when you're in trouble

A blacksmith is your best friend, he will never sell you cursed armor or weapons (I got this tip from Waz himself on WazCast)
#5 Gaming / Roguelike Topic Yesterday at 12:21:24
I'm posting these tips for my friend, @whatusername

What's up, Wazhackers? I've been playing this game for over 50 hours now and here's a collection of all the random playing tips I've gathered.
Some of these only apply to the Knight, which is the class I'm most familiar with.

The Basics
  • DO NOT BECOME ENCUMBERED or you will get killed very quickly!
  • Do not drop too many items either or your enemies will use them against you! Give any items you don't need to your pet and you can sell them later
  • Rest after each battle to restore your health
  • Identify cursed items! Cursed items are usually bad and they can't be removed easily when equipped! There's a few different ways you can identify them:
    1) (EASIEST) Give the item to your pet and they will drop it after a few seconds if it's cursed
    2) Use a scroll of identity
    3)  Find a blacksmith
  • Always try on any armor or jewelry you find once you know it's not cursed!
  • As a knight you can ignore most of the weapons dropped by enemies unless it's a rare sword (longswords, broadswords, greatswords, oriental swords, etc)
  • If you find a lot of the same type of scroll it is most likely a scroll of identity as those are the most common. Use it to identify your other scrolls, wands, potions, etc.
    Beware of the scroll of destroy armor and the scroll of create monster!!
  • If you are sick eating an apple will cure you!
  • If you are blind eating a carrot will restore your eyesight!
  • Always drink from fountains they can upgrade your stats! If it makes you blind or hallucinate just rest until it goes away and then drink again. If a Water Nymph appears kill her and then drink again!
    Drink from a fountain of healing even if your health is full, it will increase your max health each time! Same goes for fountains of mana.

  • Before starting the game you'll want to modify your stats. For the knight the most important stats are strength and charisma, so you'll want to max those out. Charisma is basically your luck factor so it's very important!!

  • Eating red goo gives you fire resistance!
  • Eating brown goo gives you cold resistance (so does eating Winter Wolf meat I think)
  • Eating Killer bee goo gives you poison resistance
  • Eating Golden Goo (found in bee hive) increases your strength

Werewolf Meat
  • Do not eat werewolf meat it will turn you into a werewolf!
  • It might be cool to feed it to your pet though (UNTESTED)

Removing Cursed Weapons/Armor
  • It is best to not equip a cursed item in the first place, but if you do there are a few ways I know to remove them:
    1) Rub an oil lamp and the cursed weapon will slip out of your hands
    2) Use a scroll of remove curse
    3) Get a blacksmith to "bless" the item which removes the curse
    4) Get a water nymph to steal the cursed item from you

  • Wishes are very helpful in this game. There's a few ways to get a wish:
    1) Rub a magic lamp
    2) Dip some gold coins in a fountain
    3) Use a wand of wishing
  • If you want to get your wish you should wish for 3 of them (I don't know why just do it)
  • I usually wish for "3 blessed immutable +3 silver Dragon Scale Mail" which is a very good armor!
  • See also:

Preventing Corrosion
  • If you find a "tub of something" it is always a "tub of grease". Apply it to your weapons and armor to prevent corrosion!
  • Also if you see an acid blob attack it with a ranged weapon like a bow or tell your pet to kill it

Mini Dungeons
  • Mini Dungeons (or w/e they're called, the little doors with enemies coming out of them) are a great way to level up on the early floors, and you get a nice reward if you clear them out! You may want to avoid them in the later levels, though!

Well I think that's all the tips I have for now.

Feel free to share your tips too.

Have fun.


I forgot about this topic but found this post, thanks steev.  I will use it when I play WazHack again.
#6 Linux Gaming / Play ToME today! Yesterday at 09:37:04
once Trump is president Cinco de Mayo will be outlawed
#7 Linux Gaming / Play ToME today! 04-05-2016, 22:38:11 PM
That's dumb they better add Mexican stuff tomorrow for cinco de mayo
#8 Linux Gaming / Play ToME today! 04-05-2016, 21:37:27 PM
That wasn't it, he added Star Wars stuff
#9 Linux Gaming / Play ToME today! 04-05-2016, 18:19:22 PM
wow darkgod, such a dork
#10 Linux Gaming / Play ToME today! 04-05-2016, 14:01:06 PM
Who calls themself "dark god"?  Heh.

"Welcome to the internet skrag".  Yeah, yeah.

Somebody who develops a game called Tales of Maj'Eyal
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