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#1 Gaming / Roguelike Topic Today at 20:15:43
sorry, ZIGS, just wasn't thinking
#2 Gaming / Roguelike Topic Today at 20:07:32
steev, you stole my title. I don't really mind because you're my friend but asking for permission is always appreciated
#3 Gaming / Roguelike Topic Today at 20:05:06
hi i'm steev the buttpounder,  a dwarf flamer and do i actually have to read these? roguelikes shouldn't have a story imo this isn't lord of the rings it's supposed to be fun
Somebody is taking their sweet time redeeming this gift
It was great steev, I actually thought you were being serious
nobody likes this website

as much as me!

(this is my first time doing one of these, let me know what you think)
2 yrs cuz I waited for the real steam to come out
Mine turns 10 in 2 months!!
only 6 years here :(
#10 STEEV'S KORNER ! / ODROID C1 Today at 06:00:38
so tempted but i think i'll just stick with the slower pi for now and upgrade to an Intel NUC/Chromebox when the time is right
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