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Exactly 1.5 years ago today @Cirus told me to get MEElec headphones and I never looked back!
These things are built Ford tough! Better than BEATS or Skullcandy. I'll never bother with another brand again!!

Dear all,

About two months ago I purchased the Turtle Beach X12 headphones, but for the last few days I've had problems with it.  I am not sure if the source of the problems is my computer, the headset, or somehow a combination of both.

Basically I had the headphones connected in the front panel of my computer (three inputs -- audio jack, microphone jack, and USB for power).  The other day the sound suddenly went from  :stamp: quality to  :loser: quality.  I could barely hear any audio I played, even with the volume all the way up.  I thought that maybe I had tugged the connecting cable too hard, but when I connected the headphones to the inputs in the back panel, the headphones worked well again.  Then earlier today I was listening to  :stamp: music when all of a sudden I hear a loud "pop" sound  from the headphones and the audio becomes garbage again, and it's even worse since there is a persistent "buzz" sound.  If I wiggle the audio cable just right in the jack of either the front or back inputs (about halfway), I can hear the audio normally.  Other headphones work well in either jack, too, without having to do any wiggling. 

Does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this problem?  It seems to be it's either headphones or some kind of overload issue created between this particular headset and my particular PC.  I am not versed in this field, so any guidance would be  :stalin:

Normally I would just try to return the headphones, but the shop's return policy has expired.  Therefore, my only remedy if I want to salvage these headphones is to use Turtle Beach's manufacturer warranty.   However, because I would have to pay the costs for shipping, etc., I want to figure out if this indeed a problem with the headphones and not something else.  I could try using them in my laptop or my phone, but like I said, the audio didn't begin to fail again until some time later.

Here is the product page:

Does anyone have suggestions for other headphones?
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